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12/1/2020 1:28 PM

K9 Resque Spay and Neuter Assistance

               Our mission is to be able to help those who live in our community to spay and neuter their pets.

                                           Our goal is to reduce the pet overpopulation in our community


   We have started a fundraiser in which to collect funds, you may donate thru Facebook or send a donation to us directly or use Paypal, please earmark all donations
Okee Spay n Neuter..
We have started assisting those who are low income in our community with getting their dogs spayed or neutered.
But our funds are running low, we need your help.

Our assistance will be offered to those who are considered low income.
We do have a guideline sheet  for that very purpose.

IF you need assistance in getting your dog  spayed or neutered, and live in Okeechobee County
we  have an application, that will start you out.
  A volunteer will call you to finish the process


All surgeries are done in Okeechobee, in partnership with Operation SOS