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1/17/2020 11:32 PM

 We would like to share with our fans, the comments we have received from those  who have adopted from us in the past.....

Message From: Alicia L March 16, 2018
I adopted Bitsy in November 2017. She is a MiniPin mix with all the energy that comes with her breed. She is a joyous pup, very intelligent and learns quickly. Bitsy is now 12 lbs, is housebroken, and a delightful addition to our pack. She plays non-stop with my dach mix and beagle/basset hound mix girls. Bitsy is currently taking obedience training with good results. She's a great little watch dog and a snuggle bunny. I'm so happy that K9 Rescue Sharon came to my home and diligently screens for adoption. Thank you for all you do from Bitsy in her forever home.

Message From: Sandy April 2, 2017
We fell in love with Stormy at first sight when she was listed in the new arrivals. I filled out the application and was contacted by Sharon. Everything went quickly and smoothly and any concerns or questions I may have had were answered. A home visit was done, and our little Stormy became ours! We couldn't be happier with our new puppy and the love shown by Sharon. This is a wonderful organization

Message From: Michelle Parenti February 10, 2017
We adopted Odie a year and a half ago and just wanted to say thank you for rescuing Odie. Today he is 4 years old and doing great. We love him and are grateful for him every day!

Message From: Marion Manchester February 10, 2017
K9 resque is wonderful!! I'm so grateful to have my pup Marley with us as a big part of our family. As a dog lover, I was really impressed by the lengths that this group goes through to make sure their dogs are placed in good and loving homes!!!

Message From: (Private) July 15, 2015
I adopted Dolly on 7/12/15, just 3 days ago and we could not be happier. She is the love of my life and snuggled right up next to me as I type this ... just as content as can be. Thank you so much for making both of our dreams come true.

Message From: Stiger Family December 2, 2014
Last week we adopted Daisy, and could not be happier with her. She is so well trained and behaved and sweet! We took our first road trip with her in the back seat of the truck with two kids for 5 hours and she was a snuggle bug. We are so happy to have found her! Thanks again!

Message From: Susan Beauton October 29, 2014
He now weighs 20 lbs, quite a jump from the 12 lbs on his first visit to the vet two days after he arrived! He is such a joy and blessed addition to our home, he keeps us on our toes! He loves chasing butterflies and playing with pinecones in our backyard, actually he pretty much loves everything. He's a very happy boy! He came to us crate-trained and housebroken, how you were able to do that with all the animals you take care of still amazes us. The $50.00 that was supposed to be returned to us after his neutering, we would like to donate it back to your organization. Thank you for all the good work you do.

Message From: Amber Murphy March 14, 2014
Today we adopted Teeny and we already love her!!! She is such a sweet girl and we couldn't be more happy and excited to have her as part of our family!!! Thanks K9 Resque!!!!

Message From: The Hargroves' Family March 14, 2014
Thank you K9resque. You have put joy back into our lives after our recent loss of our dog Walker. Now we have welcomed KANE into our lives and couldn't be happier. We thank you for your committment to these animals helping them find forever homes. We will not forget what you ahve done!

Message From: Jamie And Rob January 27, 2012
Thank you sooo much k9 Resque for bringing Olivia in to our lives its only been about 2-3 days but so far she has become a part of our family already and fits in with us and our kitty Skittle's perfectly! she is such a loveing girl and is really starting to play and run around like a crazzi dog as it should be! and we are so happy to see her happy! :)

Message From: The Merriman Family December 17, 2011
We've had Iceberg, formerly known as Diceman, for 3 years now and I just wanted you to know what a special boy he is. Thank you for saving him from Hurricane Gustav so he could become part of the family. You guys are great!!

Message From: Mike & Jean Merriman December 17, 2011
I would like to thank you for rescuing Diceman (aka Iceberg) from Hurricane Gustav and giving us a chance to be a family. He is the best dog!! He now has a sister dog and a sister cat and he is great. Thanks!

Message From: The Knight Family August 4, 2011
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped us adopt Thumper. He's awesome! We are now complete and love him lots!!

Message From: The Schneider Family September 21, 2010
We have had Sadie (aka Brandy) for over a year and we couldn't imagine our family without her. Thank you K-9 Resque! You folks do a wonderful service!

Message From: Peggy & Steve June 28, 2010
We have had Zeke for over 2 years and are grateful every day to K9resque for saving him until he found his way to our hearts and home.

Message From: Haileys Family May 15, 2010
We adopted Hailey (aka Reba) just over a year ago. she has been a great addition to our family. With just a little training, she no longer jumps or should I say clears our 4' fence. She is so well behaved, Thank you K-9 Rresque for allowing us to adopt her. She is wonderful.

Message From: CoCo's Family March 28, 2010
Thank you for helping my family out with dog food. CoCo is a new addition to our family and loves to eat ; ) we love him more than anything. k9 resque you are a true blessing. thank you for everything.

Message From: (Private) March 15, 2010
I have not adopted from her yet but would love to one day. I have adopt twice from shelters and have loved my pets as much as my children. Just found this site very interesting. I will be looking into donating to help out for now.

Message From: Crystal March 9, 2010
You all that donate your time for all the events and Kibbles Kitchen I want to thank you with all my heart, and my family during this year has hit some very rough times but thank you for helping out our Ozzy get a meal too. If he could talk he would say thank you too, and keep up the wonderful job on helping animals find wonderful homes :)

Message From: litttle girl January 27, 2010

Message From: Ricki January 12, 2010
We adopted Sadie (formerly known as Brandy) and she is such a cutie! Growing fast. Thank you K9resque for all the work you do.

Message From: Denise January 10, 2010
We adopted Ginny (aka Maggie) in September and we just LOVE her! What a sweet girl, always ready to meet new people and animals! What a great addition to our family she is! Thanks to K-0 Resque, we recommend you every chance we get!

Message From: (Private) January 8, 2010
i am saving my allowance to buy either,Chico or and adorable puppy(a.k.a. all of them!)keep up the good work!

Message From: Susan January 6, 2010
We adopted Lola (aka Zoey) 1 year ago and we are so grateful for K9 Resque. We would not have our Lola without all your hard work and love for the animals!

Message From: COOTER December 20, 2009

Message From: julie bryant October 9, 2009
We adopted Tyke now known as Bruiser, just yesterday and he is already adored and is starting to feel right at home. He is quite a personable little guy who wants for nothing more than our warm laps!! Thanks to k9resque for their dedication to the animals!!

Message From: Cindy Hage September 15, 2009
We adopted Cinder, now known as Lily, just three days ago. Already I can't imagine life without her. She has already added so much to our home. I fell privileged to have been given the opportunity to have her. Thank you for such a wonderful new member of our family.

Message From: Michelle and Jeff September 12, 2009
We adopted Jake one year ago and fell in love with him at first sight! He has become a dream come true! He is the most loving and well behaved little guy (all 70 pounds of him) anyone could have asked for! Thank you to everyone at K9 Rescue for allowing Jakers to become part of our family. We love him very much!! We thank you with all our hearts!!!

Message From: Nowicki Family September 1, 2009
Thank you so much for letting us adopt Rylee. She is a great addition to our family. Rylee has a puppy friend down the street, she loves to get together with to play. We love Rylee!

Message From: Pam July 16, 2009
Wonderfully arranged site, great work and easy to navigate.

Message From: Susan M July 3, 2009
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We love Zoey (now Lola) and we are so thankful you rescued her all the way from Louisiana.

Message From: Kim K. June 27, 2009
Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt Emma. We love her so much and she has given us so much pleasure and love! She is such a good girl and we will love her forever.

Message From: Carol May 18, 2009
Dixie - now known as Baby - joined our family May 4th and now she runs the house. She is the most affectionate, funny little dog. She loves to run from floor to another checking up on everyone and our other dog - who she bosses around. She is just a precious little girl.

Message From: The Fujimoto Family May 15, 2009
We adopted Zeus (Now Caesar) 2 weeks ago. He is a sweet loving dog and is a welcomed addition to our family. Keep up the good work!

Message From: Selvaggio Family May 2, 2009
We rescued buddy almost two years ago and he is the best decision we've ever made! He is the best dog in the whole world and I would never hesitate to adopt again.

Message From: Lori April 12, 2009
Just a note to say Lucy is now 30 pounds! Umm...I think she is going to be bigger than originally thought. She is the joy of my life and is smarter than me!

Message From: the Fischer's family April 11, 2009
Ollie has been with us know for 2 wks, he is a great dog for our family, sure want we needed. thank you!

Message From: Lori March 18, 2009
I would like to thank everyone at K9 Resque who assisted in my adoption of Lucy. I have only had her three days and we have completely bonded! I would recommend anyone searching for a loving pet to let K9 Resque find it for you. The adoption process is very detailed which comforts me to know they find the right homes to match the right pet. Thank you again K9 Resque for everything! I will send pictures and be in touch!

Message From: The Wilsons March 11, 2009
We adopted Lola a Rott/German Shepard mix 2 years ago and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is my 3 year old sons best friend.

Message From: Joe & Stephanie February 28, 2009
Charger has been with us for almost two weeks now, and what a treasure he is! He's loving, curious, funny, and has brought us so much joy. He is learning every day, and loves his new home. Keep up the good work.

Message From: Lisa February 27, 2009
Thank you for all of the hard work you do to place dogs in good homes. We adopted Comet two days ago and we couldn't be happier. He is a great dog! Our puppy loves her new big brother and our kids love him too!

Message From: Joanne Pisa February 20, 2009
Here I am again--but I really have to thank the people in your group who fostered Buddy. The reason he's such a bouncing, dancing and happy little guy is because of the love he got from all of you foster moms and dads. Bless your hearts. Joanne, Buddy's mom.

Message From: Joanne Pisa February 16, 2009
Buddy has been with us for 8 days now and his adoption was made official yesterday and I honestly can't imagine this house without him. He actually dances when he's having a good time, so we've renamed him Buddy Bouncy-Butt! Thanks for saving this little guy for us. We just love him so much.

Message From: Bob and Pat January 21, 2009
Bo is a wonderful dog. He was very fearful when he came to us. Now he knows he has found his home.

Message From: Allen's Angels January 10, 2009
Thank you for Missy (Now 'BabyLuv') She has pranced into our hearts and showers us with tender little kisses. A perfect little princess!

Message From: mary December 31, 2008
we are looking for a puppie for our daughter and you are close and have a lot of animals... i think that what you are doing to save these animals are wonderful....

Message From: (Private) October 31, 2008
this is an amazing thing you're doing. i'm 16 years old, and i really want a dog. i will be sure to come here for my pup!!! great job, guys!

Message From: The Emeigh Family September 28, 2008
Just a update, we got Taco from you and he is doing so good. His best friend in our home is Miss Megan, He is such a cuddle bug. We are so grateful to have him. I will be sending you pictures soon. Thank you so much!

Message From: (Private) August 1, 2008
Mya is absolutely adorable, like a little bear cub. We are so thankful to K9Resque for helping us to find her.

Message From: Randy August 1, 2008
Mya is the most adorable little pup. We just love her! She has a great disposition and is like a little bear cub at 3 months. Every where we go, people just adore her, are curious about her type of breed (leonburger), and where did we get her. Thank you, so much, to K9 Resque, or we would never have found her.