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9/22/2020 12:34 AM

  Sponsorship Information

We  would like to ask a special favor of all of our friends, Adopters and followers....

Won't you please give the gift of life!

For just $25.00 per month you can sponsor one of our rescued dogs or horses...Your contribution will help to feed and care for  that dog/horse.   Please put the animal's name on the details of your donation

We will keep you up to date on  that animal, and when that animal is adopted into a new home, you will be the first to know.


  We would ask that  donations  be made to our Pay pal account----   K9resque@gmail.com or they can be mailed directly to us....


Please be sure to put the donation under gift so that no fees will be charged.



 Won't you please help us help the animals.....

We want to be there for them, we want to free them, we want to give them love, understanding show them compassion, we know that you want to do this as well... But we need your help.  We have helped so many already, we want to help more....... Will you be there for them?

      We also accept sponsorships for our resued Equines,.

$!00.00 will sponsor a equine for one month of feed.

 $120.00 will provide basic  vaccinations for a rescued Equine.

 $75.00 will help to give hay to a rescued equine.

  But any donation amount  earmarked to Equine wil help to sponsor a rescued eqiune..
 Thank You and God Bless!